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About Us

The TeachersAI team are committed 'massive empowerment' of teachers, equipping them with AI-driven tools to reduce administrative tasks. Our mission is to streamline and improve the grading of student-written texts and tasks, enabling educators to focus more on creating personalised learning pathways and enhancing student success.

Founded in early 2023 by Stuart Cooke, a seasoned primary teacher with over a decade of experience in W.A. who sought to integrate emerging technologies, including AI, with a collaborative vision to address the challenges faced by Australian educators today.

Our team is driven by a shared commitment to improve educational outcomes and a passion for harnessing the potential of AI to transform teaching.

Stuart brings his extensive experience and insight from the front lines of education, coupled with a dedication to reducing teacher workloads and improving student experiences. His co-founder adds a wealth of knowledge in technological innovation, ensuring that TeachersAI stays at the cutting edge of AI applications in education. Together, they lead a team devoted to developing and refining tools that make a real difference in the classroom.

We would love to have you join and find out how we can save you (or teachers at your school) countless hours per term.

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